a brief history

Reflexology is an ancient healing tradition based on the principle that all parts of our body are connected by energy pathways which end in the feet, hands and head.

A reflexology treatment uses pressure massage on specific areas of the feet to stimulate healing in the corresponding organs; glands and structures.  This releases areas of tension and helps energy to flow more freely throughout your body.


This wall painting is taken from the mastaba (early pyramid) of Ankhmahor, known as the 'Physician's Tomb'.  The tomb dates from 2330 B.C and depicts what is believed to be the earliest example of foot and hand reflexology. 

'Don't hurt me,' the patient says. 

The practitioner's reply is   ' I shall act so you praise me.'





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annabel.green@btconnect.com|  W www.agreflexologylondon.co.uk  |  M  07769 906 747